All Natural Ear & Skin Therapy Kit for Pets

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All Natural Ear & Skin Therapy Kit for Pets

Save time & money with an easy 2 step application
Step 1: Cleanse the Area
Step 2: Apply the Balm 

For best results...

  • Use twice daily when area is actively irritated 
  • Apply a thin layer of "Ear & Skin Therapy Balm" -  We aren't kidding when we say A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY
  • For regular maintenance, recommended use is once weekly. 

Kit Includes:
1. All Natural, No Rinse Ear & Skin Cleanser
2. All Natural, Ear & Skin Therapy Repair Balm
3. Starter Pack, 100% Pure Cotton Pads (10)

* Kit items can be purchased separately *

1. Shake the "No Rinse Ear & Skin Cleanser" bottle very well before each use ("The Mother" of the apple cider vinegar settles to the bottom of the bottle). 

2. Spray a cotton pad until moist with the 
"No Rinse Ear & Skin Cleanser" and cleanse your pet's target area (ears/skin). It may take more than 1 cotton pad to clean the area.  NEVER POUR ANY FLUID DIRECTLY INTO YOUR PET'S EARS

3. With your fingertips, rub a small amount of the "Ear & Skin Therapy Balm" between fingers to soften for easier application.

4. Apply the
 softened "Ear & Skin Therapy Balm" to the area(s) requiring treatment that you cleansed. 

1.  Test on small area first 

2.  Not intended for oral consumption 
3.  Not recommended to use on puppies under 16 weeks 
4.  For best results, use consistently/daily, results vary on an individual basis
5.  Not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, and/or cure an illness or disease, or take the place of medical advice.