About Us

Hello pet lovers! Welcome to Healing Hippos!

We are a family-owned and operated business nestled in Woodstock, On, Canada. We have been in operation since 2018.

At Healing Hippos, we offer pet care products derived from nature. What started out at a veterinarian visit turned into a learning curve for us. For years, our dachshund suffered from chronic ear infections and skin issues. Despite multiple veterinarian visits and numerous medications and treatments, we couldn’t find a decent remedy. Frustrated with unsuccessful and expensive prescriptions, we decided to create our own natural healing balm.

Each ingredient in our product has been carefully researched. Our investigation led us to essential oils, many offering healing benefits. The diligence of formulating the proper ratio between different essential oils was laborious but rewarding. The end result is a product that works! We did the intricate work for you. Now all pet owners can reap the benefits.

With more awareness and education, pet owners are understanding that animals require higher quality ingredients in all aspects of their care. Even with this knowledge, it still remains difficult to find formulas with no artificial ingredients. Our objective is to fill in these merchandise gaps for consumers.


We hope you enjoy our products!