Ear and Skin Repair Kit

A 2-step, all natural healing product that targets hot spots, itchy smelly ears, bug bites, chronic scratching and paw licking/chewing. This product is the answer you've been searching for to give relief to your pet.

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Our Promise to You

Our products are hand crafted with the greatest care. They will never contain artificial ingredients, only nature's best healing remedies. To ensure the highest quality, our products are made in small batches. The integrity of our business is reflected through our high expectations.


Christine J-S

The Healing Hippos ear stuff is the best! My Roxie lost all the fur on her ears, went scabby & gross, looked terrible. Vet had no idea, did samples for testing & no answers. Healing Hippos saw Roxie’s ear & put the ear stuff on it. I was sceptical so they gave me some to try. In 2 WEEKS, scabby grossness cleared and the fur grew back! Naturally I ordered some!! I swear by this stuff!

Gail H

The Ear & Skin Therapy Balm really helped with bug bites up at the cottage, even for the kids and us!

Sarah M

Picked up some all natural balm today for my doggys noses and paws this Winter! Awesome products from some great people

Ashley L

I like to buy natural whenever I can. So often you find things that say "natural" but are filled with junk. Healing Hippos is ACTUALLY natural. I feel safe using their stuff! I love it!

What Is It?

It's the best darn thing you can buy for your dog's skin and ear issues! Step 1: Spray 'No Rinse Cleanser' to a cotton pad to clean the ears or skin on your pet. Wait 30 seconds to dry (no need to rinse). Step 2: Rub a small amount of 'Repair Balm' between your fingertips to soften. Apply to affected area. Using this consistently will produce positive results. To begin the process of healing, use once a day for at least 1 week.

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Why We Do, What We Do

We are striving to give relief to our loyal pets who suffer with ear or skin issues. We successfully formulated our 2-step Repair Kit that’s too precious to keep to ourselves. We are super excited to share it with other pet owners. As pet owners ourselves, we can relate to the predicament others are going through. Our pets are faithful companions who give unconditional love and ask very little from us. We feel they deserve the best quality of life we can offer them.

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I'm Skeptical... I'm Tired of Trying Everything!

We have heard this from shoppers and we get it! We were in the same situation. Constant antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, etc.; nothing was sustainable long-term and even our vet(s) were at a loss. It's likely you've already spent $100's on medications and visits. This is an AFFORDABLE option that you haven't tried yet! The best part? It's made for flare-ups AND regular maintenance.

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