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Ear & Skin Repair Kit

A Canadian made 🇨🇦, all natural, Repair Kit for your pet's skin and ear issues!

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Christine J-S

The Healing Hippos ear stuff is the best! My Roxie lost all the fur on her ears, went scabby & gross, looked terrible. Vet had no idea, did samples for testing & no answers. Healing Hippos saw Roxie’s ear & put the ear stuff on it. I was sceptical so they gave me some to try. In 2 WEEKS, scabby grossness cleared and the fur grew back! Naturally I ordered some!! I swear by this stuff!

Gail H

The Ear & Skin Therapy Balm really helped with bug bites up at the cottage, even for the kids and us!

Ashley L

I like to buy natural whenever I can. So often you find things that say "natural" but are filled with junk. Healing Hippos is ACTUALLY natural. I feel safe using their stuff! I love it!

Samantha A

We recently purchased the ear and skin repair kit at the Christmas market for our Goldendoodle who always gets ear infections and vet visits get expensive. I absolutely love how easy it is to apply and the smell of the balm is excellent. We will definitely continue to use this! Thank you!

Leslie H

I first purchased this product at a Festival in Dorchester Ontario for my Cocker Spaniel.(Gretel) 🐶
Gretel has struggled with ear issues and chewing/licking her paws for a number of years. We have made many trips to our vets office to address these issues. I bought this product hoping that it would assist with Gretel's condition. I feel the spray and balm has shown positive results. Our groomer stated when asked if they noticed any improvement? Their answer was "What ever you are doing keep it up". Gretel🐶 does not mind when I do her treatment. Except she's not too pleased with me if I put socks on her paws to prevent her from licking off the balm.
Good luck 🤗to anyone that tries these products for their dog 🐕or cat🐺.

Kelly M

I recently purchased your skin and ear kit for my cocker spaniel, who has had chronic yeast infections for many years. Your products worked a treat! Within a couple of days the redness had disappeared and he had stopped scratching and rubbing his ear.Thanks so much for a great product!

I'm Skeptical . . . . I've Tried Everything!

We have heard this from shoppers and we get it! You've tried antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, etc.; but nothing was sustainable long-term. It's likely you've already spent $100's on meds & visits. Here's an AFFORDABLE option! The best part? It's made for flare-ups AND regular maintenance.

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