Skin Care Relief Balm

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Skin Care Relief Balm

This all natural non toxic balm is a simple 4 ingredient formula with no perfumes, synthetics, or artificial ingredients. 

Because of the pure & wholesome ingredients, there has been much success for people who live with severe dry/sensitive skin conditions such as: eczema, psoriasis, chronic rashes, etc.

We aren't kidding when we say a little goes a very long way!  You will get MANY uses out of this jar!
Made for:

  • hydrating dry skin
  • minor cuts
  • scapes
  • hands
  • heels
  • lips
  • wrinkles
  • face
  • neck
  • rashes
  • and more!  

Avocado Oil: Speeds wound healing
Beeswax: Antibacterial and seals in moisture
Shea Butter: Conditions, tones, & soothes
Coconut Oil: Keeps skin supple & hydrated, increases collagen production

*TIPS* When applying, the warmth of your hands will spread this product effortlessly. Once the desired area is covered, stop rubbing.

This is a balm... not a lotion, it does not require excessive rubbing into the skin.

It takes a few minutes for the product to settle into the skin once you have STOPPED rubbing it in. As it drys it will absorb into the skin. The beeswax will create a seal to lock in moisture.