All Natural Paws 'n' Nose Balm

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All Natural
Paws 'n' Nose Balm 🐾
(without protective wrap)

Does your pet:

✔️ lick & chew their paws excessively? 

✔️ have a dry/cracked nose? 

This all natural non toxic balm aids in healing these affected areas. A simple 4 ingredient formula with no perfumes, chemicals, or artificial ingredients.  Designed to provide relief and comfort.

❄️ Usage for Outdoor Winter Use

✔️ Apply before walking outdoors

✔️  Beeswax & coconut oil act as a barrier to snow, ice & salt

✔️ Balm lasts for a 15-20 min walk, then absorbs into paws for moisturizing

☀️ Other Usage:

✔️ Use consistently to protect from cracking and drying 

✔️ Balm will not protect from hot pavement. Intended for moisturizing purposes

✔️ If your pet does lick the "Paws 'n' Nose Relief Balm" no worries, it's non toxic!

 Directions for General Use: 
1. With your fingertips, rub "Paws 'n' Nose Relief Balm" between fingers to soften for easier application.

2. Apply the "Paws 'n' Nose Relief Balm" to the paws, nose, or wherever the dry skin is present. 

1.  Test on small area first 
2.  Not intended for oral consumption 
3.  Not recommended for use on puppies under the age of 16 weeks 
4.  For best results, use consistently/daily, results vary on an individual basis 
5.  Not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, and/or cure an illness or disease, or take the place of medical advice.